The winner of Project Runway All Stars was a disappointment

The whole season I felt like they were rewarding Mondo to try to make amends for Gretchen-gate.  While I was (and still am) a firm believer that Mondo was robbed in his original season, he did not live up to his potential in All Stars.  I felt like his designs were uninspired (and he even said as much) throughout, yet somehow I think he was in the bottom only once (possibly twice).  I was interested to see Mondo’s “therapy” collection, but once I saw all the designers’ shows, I preferred his the least.  In my opinion, Austin was the clear winner, and I think he was punished for a lack of cohesion.

How did this dress not clinch the victory for Austin?

However, I pose this question to the judges, what good is cohesion if the designs look like they were made for clowns?

On the left a fashion forward, yet wearable look...on the right, a clown costume

Tommy Hilfiger was not the right choice for a guest judge on Project Runway which is a celebration of both creativity and technical skill.  Tommy Hilfiger, the master of plain and commercial clothing, should not have been a guest judge.  The only thing worse would have been the return of what’s his name random hockey player (still scratching my head over that one).


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